ICARE, Inc. (Cancer Assistance & Recovery Effort) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which helps people in the Clearwater River area communities who are actively undergoing treatment for cancer. All contributions are tax deductible. 

Since it began in March of 2008, the ICARE project has helped 247 people who live in the area and were diagnosed with various types of cancer. The help that is given is known as a ‘Gift of Love’. This money can be used for such things as gas, food, lodging, transportation or other things. One’s gift from ICARE is also meant to be a means of local support of love and prayer throughout the difficult times that cancer patients and their families have to endure.
ICARE Has Helped 221 People In Idaho's Clearwater River Communities Since 2008 and Has Given Out $115,650.

THANKS to Supporters.... ICARE is  11 years STRONG!

Donations Are Tax Deductible
Heartfelt Blessings For
Those In Need. . .
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